Wednesday, 10 March 2010

More horse hair jewellery keepsakes

I have been quite busy this week with several orders for horse hair pendants. I really do love to incorporate horse hair into jewellery as not only does it give fantastic results, it really does give a keepsake for the recipient to treasure forever.

The heart pendant takes about a week to make. I build the pendant up with three or four layers over several days. Within each layer and using tweezers I place each individual hair down, this can be quite fiddly but it ensures that each horse hair has been placed with care and respect. The finished pendant has an effect almost like rutile quartz and is fascinating to look at.

For the teardrop pendant I take some of the horse hair and tie with thread at one end. This is then placed into semi-cured resin and left to cure over night. It is then finished with a further two or three layers of resin and left for several days to cure. The pendant is then sanded, drilled and jewellery findings attached. I really like this pendant as I think the shape of the horse hair really does compliment the teardrop shape of the pendant.

These are the first two orders for horse hair jewellery I have completed this week. For the first pendants, the hair was taken from the horse’s mane and layered within resin hearts..

horse hair jewellery
For these pendants the hair was taken from the horse’s tail and set within resin heart and teardrop pendants. At first glance the hair appeared to be a lovely chocolate brown in colour when in fact on closer examination it was actually lots of different shades of browns, blocks and even yellow.

horse hair necklace
For more details visit my lock of hair website page.


  1. Wow, they are stunning Mick, you must have the patience of a Saint!

  2. I am in LOVE with it! Awesome!

  3. Many thanks for visiting my blog TrailRider and I am glad you like them!


  4. What is the shipping from where you are to NC, USA? I'm thinking of the heart pendant w/ some of my horses hair.

  5. Hi TrailRider, if you could contact me via my website I will gladly give you more information.

    Many thanks