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Monday 13 May 2024

Cat Fur Keepsake Jewellery

It has been over 14 years since I made my very first resin keepsake pendant containing pet fur. These are the first keepsake pendants that I made back in February 2010 containing the fur from a much-loved dog.

Teardrop and heart shaped resin pendants containing pet fur
Pet fur resin keepsake jewellery

Tuesday 7 May 2024

Seaside paperweights containing shells

This warmer Spring weather we are experiencing has encouraged me to think about summer holidays, dipping toes into the sea, making sand sculptures and foraging the beach for seashells and pretty stones.

A collection of seashells and other foraged seaside items
A collection of seashells

Thursday 11 April 2024

Lock of Baby Hair Preserved as a Keepsake

Do you remember the first hair cut your child had as a baby or toddler? The excitement but also the sadness of cutting off those first precious locks of hair. Most of us who have children will remember that time and no doubt a lot of us kept a lock of that first precious hair too.

This is the first baby hair keepsake that I made, containing a lock of hair from my child’s first haircut and it is kept within his baby box.

A lock of baby hair set within a sterling silver and resin oval pendant
First hair cut keepsake pendant

Friday 1 March 2024

Preserving Formula 1 Tyre Rubber Debris

I was recently sent some pieces of Formula 1 tyre rubber debris that someone managed to collect from their visit to the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone motor racing circuit in 2023. The lady wanted me to preserve the tyre rubber within a resin paperweight, and this is what I made for her:

Resin paperweight containing pieces of Formula 1 tyre rubber
Formular 1 Tyre Rubber Paperweight

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Personalised Name on Rice Jewellery

Name on Rice jewellery provides a unique and personalised jewellery gift of writing a message or name on a grain of rice. The Name on Rice jewellery is an ideal gift as it can be uniquely personalised for its recipients; with the addition of other small trinkets and memorabilia to the glass vial and of course the rice writing itself.

Personalised Name Necklace
Personalised Name Necklace

Tuesday 23 January 2024

How to make personalised name on rice jewellery and charms

Name on rice jewellery is the ancient art of writing on a single grain of rice. Once mastered, rice writing is a rewarding and personalised art-form that is also said to bring good luck and prosperity.

Names written on two grains of rice
Name on rice writing