Friday, 7 May 2021

Resin seaside art – Seashells and beachcombing items encased in resin

With lockdown lifting and things hopefully getting back to normal, may of us are looking forward to getting away this summer, I know I am! Living in the heart of the Midlands, you could not get much further from the seaside, and I so long to dip my feet into the sea!

So, to get us all in the holiday mood, I thought I would share some of the resin art I have previously made using seashells and other items discovered from beachcombing.

The first item is a resin paperweight encapsulating shells and pieces of coral sent to me by a customer, following her holiday. The resin enhances the colour of the shells beautifully!

Seashell and coral resin paperweight
Seashell and coral paperweight

This is a similar resin paperweight I made containing a single seashell.

Seashell resin paperweight
Seashell resin paperweight

These pendants are one of the first things I encased within resin over 10 years ago. The left pendant contains tiny seashells; and the right pendant contains both seashells and sand.

Seashell and sand resin pendants
Seashell and sand pendants

This is a square resin paperweight containing a Seahorse that was sent to me by a customer.

Seahorse resin paperweight
Seahorse paperweight

And another square paperweight made from seashells and personalised with the holiday destination and date.

Personalised seashell resin paperweight
Personalised seashell paperweight

And finally, this is a picture I made from pieces of sea glass that I collected from a Jersey beach. This mosaic style picture is meant to resemble one of the beaches that we visited in Jersey.

Sea glass picture of a Jersey beach

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my resin seaside art and whatever you decide to do this Summer, I hope that you have a wonderful time.

Friday, 5 March 2021

Irish and Celtic Memorial Jewellery

With St Patrick's Day just two weeks away, I was inspired to show off some of the Irish and Celtic themed memorial jewellery that I have previously made for people. I am quite often asked by customers from Ireland to incorporate Irish themes into the jewellery that I make from them, including colours and symbolic objects.

The first example below includes three bracelet charms containing cremated ashes. The three heart shaped bracelet charms are coloured green, white and orange to represent the Irish flag or tricolour.

Memorial charms for ashes in the colours of the Irish Flag
Memorial charms for ashes in the colours of the Irish Flag

The second example is a lock of hair preserved inside a resin heart shaped pendant, with the addition of a glittery green Shamrock symbol.

Hair keepsake pendant with Shamrock
Hair keepsake pendant with Shamrock

Continuing with the theme of Shamrocks, this is a real pressed Shamrock that was sent to me for preservation inside a resin paperweight.

Real pressed Shamrock paperweight
Real pressed Shamrock paperweight

And finally, a pair of sterling silver Celtic style memorial earrings containing cremated ashes and the settings coloured green.

Celtic style earrings containing ashes

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at some of my Irish and Celtic themed memorial jewellery and that you all have a wonderful St Patrick's Day!


Monday, 9 November 2020

Remembrance Day Poppy Paperweights

"Remembering those brave men, women and animals that gave and continue to give so much for our freedom and safety".

The red Poppy is used as a symbol of both remembrance and hope for a peaceful future. I am sharing today paperweights that incorporate the red Poppy. All Poppies were sent to me for preserving inside the handmade resin paperweights, so that the owner can safely display their Poppies all year round.

The first paperweight contains four traditional paper Poppies sold by the Royal British Legion. These were sent to me for preserving inside a resin square paperweight.

Royal British Legion Poppy Paperweight
Royal British Legion Poppy Paperweight

The second paperweight contains an imitation fabric Poppy flower and cremated ashes, preserved inside a resin domed paperweight.
Fabric Poppy Paperweight
Fabric Poppy Paperweight

The final paperweight contains a hand-drawn Remembrance Day Poppy. This Poppy was drawn and coloured by my customer who then sent the flower to me for preservation.

Hand-drawn Poppy Paperweight
Hand-drawn Poppy Paperweight

Many thanks for reading!


Wednesday, 13 May 2020

My Fossil Dino Poop Jewellery has been featured in a book!

My fossilised Dinosaur poop jewellery has been featured in a new National Geographic book 'Weird but true Dinosaurs"! This is the first time my jewellery has been featured within a book and I am extremely happy!

Dinosaur Poop Jewellery
Dinosaur Poop Jewellery

I made the fossilised Dinosaur poop jewellery back in 2014 for a bit of fun, and you can read about it here:

Let me know if you have ever made anything that has been featured in a book.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Shpangle on YouTube - Hair Keepsake Jewellery

Hi and I hope everyone is staying safe and well! Although I am still busy making keepsake jewellery for people, I have had some spare time to make a YouTube channel. Please subscribe to it if you can.

The above is my first attempt at a video about my hair keepsake jewellery. Please forgive me for the accompanying music but it is all I could find that was the right length.

Thanks for watching and Take Care

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

How to Preserve a Child's Arts & Crafts Models

I originally started to write this article before the current situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak; however it seems to be even more relevant now with the majority of children being at home. Many children are home-schooling in isolation at this time; with many arts and crafts items being made daily.

Firstly I must say that I wish I had known how to preserve my son’s craft models when he was younger. I have been asked on quite a few occasions to preserve a child’s model within resin paperweights. Often these pieces of art are made while the child is at nursery, pre-school or early years at primary school and taken home. They can be quite delicate in nature and over the years can become damaged without protection.

Whether it is Plasticine, Playdough (Play-Doh), Fimo or other craft modelling method used, I can encase the model within a paperweight, to be preserved and enjoyed for years to come.

This is an example of a child’s Christmas decoration made out of Plasticine at pre-school. Obviously, without protect, the decoration would degrade over the years. However, once preserved within the paperweight, the Child’s art can be enjoyed every day, without the worry of it becoming damaged.

Paperweight for a child's Plasticine decoration
Paperweight for a child's Plasticine decoration

This is an example of a piece of art made by a child using Hama Beads, I have preserved this within a resin paperweight and personalised the paperweight with a customer supplied message.

Paperweight for a Hama Bead craft creation
Paperweight for a Hama Bead craft creation

This is an example of a piece of art made by a child using a form of air dry clay. The model is again preserved within a domed paperweight.

Paperweight for a Child's clay craft creation

And it is not just modelling clay crafts that can be preserved within paperweights; I can also preserve other modelling craft items including sugar icing flowers and other embellishments for cakes.

I hope that everybody is staying safe and well during this uncertain period; and this article has provided you with some inspiration!

Take care


Friday, 31 January 2020

Custom made retirement paperweight gift

I was asked some time ago if I could make a custom made paperweight for a UK company. The company specialised in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of industrial products and they wanted to send me some machined components for incorporating into the paperweight. The paperweight was to be given as a retirement gift to one of their long standing employees.

This is the finished paperweight containing the bearings and other machined components that they provided. I also included the company logo and the name and date of the gentleman who was retiring from the company.
Since making this paperweight for the company.

Custom made company retirement paperweight - corporate gift
Custom made company retirement paperweight

I have often thought how special this must have been to the recipient of the paperweight; to receive something custom made and unique to them, containing items that they may have worked with for many years.

Similar paperweights could also be provided by companies as client gifts or corporate paperweights, showcasing the products that they manufacture or supply.

If you would like to see more examples of my custom made paperweights, please visit my custom paperweights gallery page.