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Friday 14 October 2022

Custom Made and Personalised Christmas Snowflake Decorations

I realise it is only October but after what we have all been through the last couple of years, I wanted to get into the Christmas spirit early this year! It has been great fun making these resin hanging Christmas snowflake decorations over the last couple of weeks. Making these decorations has also given me an opportunity to be more creative with my photography! These snowflake hanging decorations that can either be hung from a tree or as a standalone decoration. They can be coloured with any colour, glitter added, personalised with names, and can also include personal items such as a loved one’s ashes or lock of hair.

The first custom made snowflake Christmas decoration I made was this clear snowflake containing iridescent glitter and glitter dust, it really sparkles nicely when it catches the light.

Custom Personalised Christmas Snowflake Decoration
Custom Christmas Snowflake Decoration

The second hanging Christmas decoration is the same as the one above, but this example is further personalised with a name floating inside the snowflake.

Personalised Christmas Snowflake Decoration
Personalised Christmas Snowflake Decoration

The third custom hanging decoration is again a clear resin snowflake. This snowflake has a different shape to the previous examples and contains these gorgeous polymer clay snowflake sprinkles in tones of blue and white. Again, I have added a sprinkle of glitter dust to the resin to provide that sparkle.

Memorial Christmas Decoration with Ashes
Memorial Christmas Decoration with Ashes

I can personalise these hanging Christmas snowflake decorations to any requirement, including the use of any combination of colours and glitter, personalised with names/year etc. Like my keepsake jewellery, I can even incorporate a loved one’s ashes or lock of hair into the Christmas decorations, providing a lovely way of having a loved one with you at Christmas time.

As well as having fun making these resin Christmas decorations I have also been experimenting with my photography. It really did not do the decorations justice having them photographed against a plain background and I hope you like the effect that I achieved. Can you guess how I did this?