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Monday 21 June 2010

Horse and Pony Hair Bracelet

I finished this custom jewellery order this week so thought I would show it off! It was made for a lady who owns six ponies and wanted the hair of each pony set within different charms for a charm bracelet. Each heart shaped charm was also coloured to represent the pony's colours and a small gem embedded into each resin heart. Apparently each pony has its own unique colour so that all equipment such as buckets and blankets are all colour coded to match.

Rainbow Horse and Pony hair bracelet
Rainbow Horse and Pony hair bracelet

Unusually this bracelet took me over two weeks to make, mainly due to the fact that I only had one mould cavity that suited the size and style of heart that she wanted for the charms, so as you can imagine it was quite a production line to get it completed! She is extremely happy with the finished bracelet and I am too as it has my favourite colour combinations and I love rainbows! 

You can see more horse and pony jewellery designs that I have previously had commissioned on my Horse hair jewellery website page.

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Name on Rice Jewellery - For a Crafts Forum Friend

I made this name on rice necklace last week for a friend on the Crafts Forum and a similar one as a keyring for her hubby. They have both got lots of things happening over the coming months and wanted the good luck that name on rice jewellery is said to bring it's recipients!

Name on rice necklace
Name on rice necklace

This was quite different to the rice writing that I have previously done in that she wanted two names (initially on the front and back of a single grain of rice). I spent a couple of days trying to do just that but every time I came to writing the second name, I failed. I am extremely meticulous with my work but I think it was the psychological barrier of knowing that I was writing on the back of something that I had spent so long getting right.

Anyway, as a compromise I suggested having two grains of rice, with their names in the same necklace vial, and I must admit it seems a lot better and more symbolic of them both.

Have a look at my page for more examples of name on rice jewellery and its history.

Thursday 3 June 2010

Custom Jewellery - Pet Hair Keepsakes

I seem to be spending a lot of time recently making custom jewellery for people and particularly hair keepsake jewellery. The majority of this has been horse hair pendants, in fact I currently have seven different horse hair pendants in progress in my craft room, all at different stages of completeness and all requiring different colourings and other objects you can imagine it takes quite a lot of organisation!

So to be given the opportunity last week of making a dog hair/fur pendant was quite pleasing and especially because of the background behind the order. These are the completed dog hair pendants, the original request was just for the heart pendant, but quite often I like to give an extra something and so I also made the sterling silver pendant as a gift.

Dog hair keepsake jewellery
Dog hair keepsake jewellery

The background to this order started when I had a problem with one of my website pages. Instead of asking my usual contacts via craft forums and other networks, I decided to ask for help on a technical forum related to website building. Not only did I get a solution to the problem, the respondent also emailed me to place an order for the dog hair pendant and he lives in the USA!

So the experience I have gained from this is that it is often quite natural to seek the comfort of the places that are familiar but to expand into unknown territories can be quite positive! The customer for the dog hair pendant also wrote a wonderful message to me (which can be seen here on my website testimonials page).