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Friday, 27 April 2012

Daisy pendant giveaway winner is....

Many thanks for all who entered my Blog giveaway this last week; I really did enjoy reading all about what makes you Shpangle and some of the spellings of ‘Shpangle’ made me chuckle too! There was ‘Sphangle’, ‘Schpangled’ , ‘Schpangles’ and ‘Spangle’; I did pick a strange business name didn’t I!

The random name picker I used to select the winner is one by and is in the form of a fruit machine. So I entered all your names, pulled the handle and the winner that it selected was....

Random Name Picker

Congratulations to Michele (from ‘Blog about Crafts’) and a little piece of my English garden will be making its way across the pond to you shortly. For those who don’t know, Michele lives in the USA and will be receiving one of my daisy flower pendants; the daisy flower was from my garden last summer, has been pressed and encased within a resin heart shaped pendant.

Daisy Flower Pendant

Many thanks again for everyone who entered and please keep a look out for some more giveaways coming soon!


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Jewellery Giveaway – Daisy flower necklace

This week I noticed that my blog has now achieved over 200 followers! So to celebrate the occasion and to welcome the beautiful spring days (well hopefully) I am going to giveaway one of my daisy flower necklaces to one lucky follower of my blog.

Real pressed daisy flower necklace
This is a real pressed daisy flower taken from my garden and has been encased within a clear resin pendant.

The rules of my jewellery giveaway are simple:

1) Firstly please follow this blog...that is the easy bit!

2) Secondly, as far as I am aware, only members of my close family know the origins of my business name ‘Shpangle’. I would like to know ‘What makes you Shpangle?’ ...please comment below!

The random draw will take place towards the end of next week and my daisy flower pendant should be making its way to one lucky winner....Good Luck!


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Salad Jewellery!

I was going to say that this latest rage of jewellery was inspired by the warm weather we are having but it seems to have gone all wintery again hasn’t it! This salad jewellery was in fact inspired by one of my Facebook page followers and past customers who wanted a gift for her friend. She asked me to make a keyring containing salad for her friend who owns a fruit and veg. shop. I then got a little carried away and made these!

Salad Keyring

The pendants and keychains are cast using resin and I have incorporate miniature pieces of salad including lettuce leaves, slices of cucumber, onion, egg and tomatoes and even miniature sticks of celery.

Weight watchers jewellery

I am normally really careful when it comes to air bubbles trapped within resin and have several tricks to prevent them from forming on encapsulated objects. But in this case I purposely left them; I think they really add to the pieces and look like small droplets of water remaining on the freshly washed salad.

I told you I got carried away; I even created a cucumber pendant with lots of miniature slices of cucumber encased within this teardrop shaped pendant.

Cucumber necklace

I am not really sure what to call this new range of jewellery; maybe ‘Salad Jewellery’ or ‘weight watchers jewellery’ or even ‘jewellery on a diet’? What do you think and any suggestions would be appreciated!


p.s. Enjoy your chocolate tomorrow!