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Wednesday 13 May 2020

My Fossil Dino Poop Jewellery has been featured in a book!

My fossilised Dinosaur poop jewellery has been featured in a new National Geographic book 'Weird but true Dinosaurs"! This is the first time my jewellery has been featured within a book and I am extremely happy!

Dinosaur Poop Jewellery
Dinosaur Poop Jewellery

I made the fossilised Dinosaur poop jewellery back in 2014 for a bit of fun, and you can read about it here: Dinosaur poop gifts.

Let me know if you have ever made anything that has been featured in a book.

Tuesday 5 May 2020

Shpangle on YouTube - Hair Keepsake Jewellery

Hi and I hope everyone is staying safe and well! Although I am still busy making keepsake jewellery for people, I have had some spare time to make a YouTube channel. Please subscribe to it if you can.

The above is my first attempt at a video about my hair keepsake jewellery. Please forgive me for the accompanying music but it is all I could find that was the right length.

Thanks for watching and Take Care