Monday, 26 March 2012

How to present a lock of hair?

I was really proud of myself with some pendants I made last week so I thought I would show them off on my blog. The request was for a lock of hair to be encased within a resin pendant, tied with a pretty ribbon along with a small pink flower.

Now bearing in mind that the pendant measures about one inch by one inch in size and my ribbon tying skills haven’t been practiced for some time, I think I did quite well with them! The hardest part was tying the ribbon around the lock of hair because I do not have the nimblest of fingers. For the flower, I used miniature flowers that I also use for my name on rice jewellery.

I think I did the locks of hair proud, what do you think?

Lock of hair keepsake jewellery

The really sad news this week is that I have noticed our local crafts shop, ‘Kim’s Crafts’ in Hinckley is closing down. The shop has been serving the local crafting community for the last seven years and it is so sad to see it go. It is far more than just a shop as the extremely friendly are always willing to offer advice and the shop also put on plenty of demonstrations throughout the week. I am not sure where I will go now for my supplies and the visit into town will not be the same again. I do hope Kim opens up another store locally so that I can still have my weekly fix.

If you would like to see more pictures of my lock of hair keepsake jewellery, please visit my hair keepsake jewellery gallery.



  1. Wow those bows are amazing, and the pendants just gorgeous as usual.

    Sorry your craft shop is closing, we only have one in our whole town and thats largly overpriced.

    1. Thanks Lynda :)

      Yes, ours was a little expensive on some things but now I will have to do a 30-mile round trip to the nearest one...or get everything online :(

  2. Just love your pendants - would delight any little girl and a great keepsake. We too have lost our "art and crafts" shop locally and the one in the next town too has closed. So sad - now will have to trek to Colchester. Nancy

    1. Thank you! It is so sad to see small craft businesses close down like that, soon I am going to be forced to use one of the larger chains of craft stores :(

  3. I love how you manage to take the bits of bobs of so many people's lives and turn them into a truly special keepsake.

    You made these look like little pony tails. So cute!

  4. Thanks Michele! These were very special pendants for a little girl who had recently lost her mother.