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Wednesday 24 March 2010

Busy Making Custom Jewellery Orders

I was extremely busy yesterday morning with five custom jewellery orders being carried out simultaneously. It may look like chaos in the photograph but believe me it was organised chaos.

Custom Jewellery - Keepsake Jewellery
Custom Jewellery - Keepsake Jewellery

The first order is for some horse hair to be embedded in a pendant heart. The customer also wanted the pendant to be translucent green in colour and I have made a few examples but my preference is one with a green backing so I will see what she thinks. I will also be giving her a teardrop version because I had some left over horse hair which she didn’t want to be returned.

The second jewellery order is for two pendants containing pet fur. I am not sure what type of pet but the fur is gorgeous; both black and white and silky to the touch and it looks fantastic in the pendants. I wasn’t sure how the white fur would look in clear resin but it lovely set against the black fur.

The third order is for a lock of hair to be set within a sterling silver keyring. The keyring is for a lady who has just got engaged and wants to present it to her fiancé. I have also made a resin phone charm containing her hair and engraved the back of the silver keyring with her chosen message.

The fourth order is a photograph pendant. But it is more than just a photograph pendant as it contains a photograph at the front and confetti and glitter at the back followed by a lock of hair. This is an extremely happy pendant and is a pleasure to make.

And the fifth and final order is a real fuchsia flower pendant for Angela my wife. Well, I could tell that she was a little annoyed that I sold the last fuchsia pendant I made so thought I would make another just for her!

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  1. You have been keeping busy. Hope that your wife puts you back in the good books, with her gift of a locket. Can't wait to see the finished results

  2. busy busy busy! I like the idea of a lock of hair in a pendant it's very sweet

  3. These pendants are fab, I come into contact with a lot of bereaved pet owners who often take a lock of their beloved pet's hair home. Now I can tell them there is a way they can keep it forever, how nice.


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