Friday, 14 October 2011

List of Messages Found on Love Heart Sweets

No, I am not currently going through some strange kind of mid life crisis by having a fascination with love heart sweet messages; there is honestly a serious reason why I would want to make a list of the messages found on love hearts sweets, so please continue reading and you may be able to help me!

I am often asked to incorporate love heart sweets into my jewellery and more often than not I am asked to include specific love heart sweet messages. I then encase the sweets within resin and they are transformed into pendants and charms. When I am asked to incorporate sweets with specific messages (for example this week when I was asked to make a pair of love heart sweet cufflinks); if I don’t have the requested message in my collection I need to purchase several tubes of the sweets!

Love Heart Sweet Necklace

These regular visits to the local shops to buy tubes of love heart sweets has resulted in a rather large collection of the sweets (and strange looks from shop assistants). Ok I admit that I have eaten quite a few...alright lots of them but still have bags and bags of them. So to help with future orders I thought it was necessary to catalogue the sweets and provide a list of the different love heart sweet messages in my collection.

The following list contains the different love heart sweet messages in my collection. I will keep this list updated whenever I receive new additions:

All Mine - Guess Who - Lush Lips
Angel Face - Happy Birthday - Make Up
Be Good - Hard Luck - My All
Be Mine - Heart Desire - My Angel
Best Mate - Heart Throb - My Boy
Bless You - Hello - My Girl
Blue Eyes - Hi Baby - My Hero
Bye Bye - Hold Me - My Ideal
Canny Lad - How Nice - Neat
Catch Me - Hug Me - New Love
Chase Me - Hunk - Oh Boy
Cheeky Boy - I Hope - Only You
Cheeky Boy - I Love You - Real Love
Cheer Up - I Spy - Relax
Cool Dude - I Surrender - Say Yes
Cool Kid - In Love - Smile
Crazy - I'm Shy - Spoil Me
Cuddle Me - Its Love - Sweet Heart
Cute Kid - Its True - Sweet Kiss
Dear One - I Want U - Sweet You
Dishy - Just Me - Take It Easy
Dream Boy - Keep Cool - Text Me
Dream Girl - Kiss Me - Too Much
Dream On - Lets Dance - True Love
E Mail - Lets Kiss - Try Me
Ever Yours - Like You - Wicked
Find Me - Little Kiss - Will You
First Love - Looking Good - Wow
For Ever - Love Bug - Yes Dear
For Keeps - Love Heart - You and I
Funny Face - Love You - You Win
Good Pals - Lover - You're Fab
Great Guy - Luck Lips - You're Gorgeous
Grow Up - Lucky Lips - You're Mine

And this is where you can help. I want to create a ‘wish list’ of messages that you think would be appropriate and would like to see on love heart sweets. I will then add them to a list here.



  1. Wow, what a lot. Brain not in gear today for suggestions, but I didnt see 'Marry Me' on the list, an idea for the shy proposal?

    (no, not proposing Mick we are both happily attatched - in case anyone read that wrong)

  2. Great suggestion and I think there is already a 'Marry Me' love hearts sweet already available...not that I have personally seen one. There is also a 'Fax Me' love hearts sweet and I would like to get my hands on one of those as it might be a collectors item in a few years time lol!

    How about 'Tweet Me', not seen one of those yet!


  3. Maybe love you 24/7??

    1. Another great suggestion, I think there is a 'Luv U 24/7' love heart sweet though?


  4. You missed "Play Time"

  5. I had a love heart with the message "Mermaid Eloise" on it ??????