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Monday 30 November 2009

Recently been making buttons

After hours of searching high street craft shops and fabric/sewing shops for button shanks, I finally gave up and went online. I ordered some silver plated ones from ebay and they are great ! These are my first buttons, handmade by embedding seed beads into resin with the button shanks attached to the back. They are certainly different and would add a bit of colour to that special item of clothing !

These are the first resin buttons I made containing seed beads:

Handmade resin buttons
Resin buttons containing seed beads and glitter

Handmade resin buttons
Handmade resin buttons 

These are the other ones I made, containing cake sprinkles (100s and 1000s) embedded in resin.

Custom made buttons
Custom made buttons containing cake sprinkles

Personalised buttons
Personalised buttons containing cake sprinkles

These custom made buttons can be ordered from my website Keepsake Jewellery - Custom Jewellery

Thursday 26 November 2009

Wedding Items Preserved in Custom Jewellery

Weddings are a time of excitement, planning and organisation. The end result being a, hopefully flawless and memorable wedding. However, most of the energy for a wedding is put into the preparation for the big day and once the wedding is over, the bride and groom look forward to the honeymoon and relaxing. So, it is not surprising that after wedding thoughts often go forgotten.

Wedding flower keepsake pendant
Wedding flowers preserved in jewellery

Traditionally, capturing memories of the big day take the form of photographs and videos, but there are often other items which helped make the day special that the bride and groom may have kept but are unsure what to do with. These can be anything from confetti used at the ceremony or table confetti used to decorate the tables at the reception, from flowers to ribbon, wedding favours, or anything else that made the day special.

Wedding confetti paperweight
Wedding confetti paperweight

All these items can be preserved forever and even worn and enjoyed for many years to come in the form of resin jewellery. And it is not just an item of jewellery that could be made to capture flowers or those special memories. Resin preservation can be used to create many items to suit just about anyone. Key-rings, phone charms, bag charms, cufflinks ...there to always remind you of the special day, whether you are the bride, groom or the family members and friends.

The beauty of Shpangle Jewellery is that it can be tailor made to just about any design and to your preferences, so you get that special keepsake you want. The glass like properties of the resin have a magnifying effect on the special items within it, and it really does show off the colours of the items and their details exquisitely.

Wedding dress material jewellery
Wedding dress material cufflinks

Shpangle Jewellery will take pride and satisfaction in providing you with something special. Each piece is carefully made to your specifications, which will be completely unique.

Items can be preserved at your convenience so you can enjoy your wedding and after celebrations knowing you can use the service when you need it. If you have used fresh flowers you can let someone keep them or get advice from the florist to keep them fresh before preservation.

Wedding flower preservation
Wedding flower preservation

Whatever you choose to preserve, you can be assured that it will be a very unique way of capturing and preserving the special items and memories of your big day.

We wish you a very happy wedding day with lots of memories to cherish forever.

For more details visit my Handmade Keepsake Jewellery website.