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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Love heart sweet paperweight

My custom made paperweight making seems to have taken over from my jewellery making recently and I have had quite a few orders to complete. This paperweight was completed a few days ago just in time to be given as a wedding gift for a young man’s new wife. The wedding is due to take place today and I hope they had a lovely time and that they are lucky to have great weather!

When the couple got engaged two years ago the gentleman proposed using a Haribo sweet ring and a Love Heart sweet with the words ‘Be Mine’ on it. So to mark the occasion he asked me if I could incorporate a similar Haribo ring and Love Heart sweet into a paperweight and here it is...

Custom made paperweight with a love heart sweet and Haribo ring
Custom paperweight - love heart sweet and Haribo ring

I was very pleased how the paperweight turned out and I am sure the bride will love her very thoughtful gift from her husband. I have another custom made paperweight to show you next week and it is lovely so watch this space!


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Album cover artist Blim

Music has always been important to me and especially so whilst making my jewellery. I like to drift off with the ethereal sounds produced by my favourite band the Ozric Tentacles. Their music to me is very much about painting pictures with sound and has had a massive influence with quite a lot of my jewellery designs. To be honest I very rarely listen to anything else (probably with much annoyance to my wife when I always reach for the Ozric CDs when we are in the car!)

The artist know as Blim has been until fairly recently the album cover artist for the Ozic Tentacles. Her pictures have been displayed on many of their albums and have always been a lovely visual representation of their music. Unfortunately I have been doing quite a lot of research on the internet for references to Blim and her art but have found very little.

This is my favourite picture by Blim taken from the Ozric Tentacles ‘Erpland’ abum released in 1990.

Blim cover art - Ozric Tentacles - Erpland
Blim cover art - Ozric Tentacles - Erpland

And this is one of the latest album covers produced by Blim for their ‘The Floor’s Too Far Away’ album released in 2006.

Blim cover art - Ozric Tentacles - The Floor's Too Far Away
Blim cover art - Ozric Tentacles - The Floor's Too Far Away

And here I am chilling out at a festival wearing one of Blim’s T-shirt designs; I call it my spider-monkey T-shirt.

Blim T-Shirt design - Spider-Monkey
Blim T-Shirt design - Spider-Monkey

I am showing my age now but I think pictures like these are just another reason why all albums should be available as vinyl records. CDs are alright but do not give the art created by Blim and other artists justice; I would have these pictures all over the walls if my family let me!

If you have a favourite artist that you admire or even music that you like to listen to when you are at work please let me know!


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Haribo ring wedding gifts

About a year ago I was asked to preserve a Haribo ring for a couple who recently got engaged and blogged about it here. The same lady contacted me a few weeks ago and said they were getting married soon and she wanted me to make some Haribo ring themed gifts for her to give to their wedding guests. Naturally I was very pleased to have been asked to not only preserve an important item for the couple but to be asked to supply their wedding gifts one year later is fantastic!

You may also remember on a recent blog post, that in order to find a particular coloured Haribo ring I had to eat my way through several bags of Haibo sweets to find it. Well fortunately on this occasion, the customer actually sent me the Haribo rings. I encased the Haribo sweet rings within four paperweights and several pendants for her to give to her guests; unique wedding gifts or what!

Unique wedding gifts - Haribo sweet ring gifts

Whilst on the subject of unique wedding gifts; I was also asked by another lady this week to make a pair of cufflinks for her to give to her fiancé on the big day. The cufflinks were made to contain a monogram written in the shape of a heart containing their names, and here they are:

Personalised wedding cufflinks

I just love making these unique wedding gifts for people and always feel very honoured to be asked!