Friday, 16 April 2010

Onion Jewellery

Yes you have read it correctly! A customer asked me last week if I could make him some onion cufflinks, well in his own words he asked “I know this may seem like a strange request but is it possible for you make cuff-links with an onion ring inside”.

I managed to persuade him that using real onions was probably a bad idea. I am not sure if you could get an onion small enough, maybe spring onions I suppose. But since objects need to be completely free from moisture before being placed in resin, I wouldn’t like to say how an onion ring would look when it has been completely dried!

Onion vegetable jewellery
So I suggested using vegetable dolls house miniatures and that is exactly what I used. These lovely detailed and handmade miniature onions have been embedded into clear resin cufflinks, and he is delighted with his new onion cufflinks! I never did ask what the significance of having onion jewellery and I probably will never find out, so I will leave that one to your imagination!

To read about his reaction to his new onion cufflinks please visit my website Testimonials page.


  1. Just brilliant! Ogres are like onions are like customers - they have many layers!

  2. Haha, Cool!! That's another interesting story behind your jewellery!! The cufflinks look amazing also very cute :)

  3. Brilliant work as usual. You do get some weird requests don't you but the finished result is actually quite cute.

  4. Excellent! would love to know why onions? was he French???

  5. Oh that's fantastic they look amazing.

  6. HAHA! No I don't think he was french, his name is Trev from Tewkesbury, although he did say that he had some friends in Jersey (which is near France I think).