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Friday 2 April 2010

Stonehenge and other Megalithic Art

A very strange thing happened to me this week! I was browsing a craft forum that I am a member of and came across a thread started by the extremely talented Rita of OOAK Fairy Fae Sculpture. As well as making her one of a kind hand sculpted Dolls and Fairies she also finds the time to paint!

The picture that caught eye was this that she had painted of a misty Stonehenge. I just knew that we had to have it as Stonehenge means so much to Angela and me. And now we have the painting, so many thanks go to Rita as it is gorgeous and brings back so many memories.

Stonehenge painting
Stonehenge painting

Angela and I have both had a fascination with stone circles and megalithic monuments. We have travelled all over the country to see them and have even started to write a book about our experiences.

I even proposed to Angela in the middle of Stonehenge. I had secretly arranged special access to the stones and then arranged with Angela to go on a camping trip to Stonehenge. We woke at sunrise in the morning and entered the stone circle. It was very surreal as we have only previously viewed the stones from the other side of the visitor fence. It was a fantastic way to propose to Angela, and the memories of that day will be treasured forever.

The day I proposed to Angela at Stonehenge

Stonehenge sunrise on the day I proposed
Stonehenge sunrise on the day I proposed
Stonehenge - Just after I proposed
Stonehenge - Just after I proposed

Our next visit to Stonehenge was as part of our Honeymoon. The start of our honeymoon coincided with the summer solstice so we spent our honeymoon night with thousands of other people amongst the stones and stars. The sunrise through the stones the next day was breath taking and the whole atmosphere was filled with celebration and happiness.

Sunrise at the Summer Solstice during our Honeymoon

Stonehenge Summer Solstice - Our honeymoon
Stonehenge Summer Solstice - Our honeymoon

I strongly believe in fate and also believe in the magic of Stonehenge. My parents took me to Stonehenge as a child and I will never forget the forces I felt radiating from the stones. I suppose Children are meant to pick-up on that sort of thing and whatever it was, it affected me.

The magic of Stonehenge was certainly working this week and must be calling us back for another much needed visit.


  1. That's a lovely post Mick. You really must go back to the Henge, I think it is calling you both.
    It was very unusual for me to post pictures of my paintings on the craft forum.
    Stonehenge working its magic me thinks.
    Thank you so much for the link too.
    xxx Rita

  2. (take 3, tried this keep getting errors)

    What a talented lady Rita is, what an amazing picture and I love the wedding dolls on the blog.
    Thank you for sharing your magical story with us Mick, and look forward to the future pictures of your next visit.

    Bags of Swank by SimJaTa

  3. What a lovely romantic tale. Glad there are still some thoughtful men left in this world!
    And the picture is truly lovely also.


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