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Monday 12 April 2010

Taking every opportunity - Promotional Jewellery

My son's school has recently appointed a new Headteacher who has certainly made his mark on the school. He is gradually introducing a new image for the school and this includes putting love hearts everywhere around the school and he has even put one around the school logo! It is all to do with his change in the school aims and introducing a culture of taking pride in each other’s achievements and helping each other.

Anyway, because I try to take every opportunity to promote my jewellery I thought it would be a good idea to make something for him. Using the heart theme I produced a resin keyring and phone charm, with the school logo embedded within a pink resin heart.

Promotional Jewellery with School Logo
Promotional Jewellery with School Logo

The Headteacher now has the keyring and he gave the phone-charm to the deputy-head. They are both over-the-moon with them!

Well, we have to take every opportunity that we can to promote handmade goods and I wasn’t going to let that one go by. It has already got me thinking about producing promotional jewellery for clubs, charities, companies and other organisations, so a big ‘Thank you’ goes to the Headteacher for giving me a new inspiration.


  1. That is a nice comment, thankyou! Japan would be wonderful and I would love to visit one day.

  2. Nice one Mick, wonderful idea and great results.


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  3. What a lovely idea. very interesting putting hearts around the school. Wonder if it would promote love if i put hearts in my 2boys bedroom!!


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