Monday, 5 April 2010

Latest Hair Keepsake Jewellery

I have just had the most bizarre custom jewellery request; someone wants some onion rings putting into a pair of cufflinks! I will blog about that at a later date, but first I completed these custom jewellery items this week so I thought I would show them off!

The first is for a resin pendant containing horse hair. The lady wanted the pendant coloured green (because it is her favourite colour). I experimented with both making the whole pendant a translucent green and also just giving the pendant a green backing. This was her favourite (with the green backing). It may look like the hair is scattered within the pendant, however it was built up in 3 layers over several days with the hair carefully placed within each layer.

horse hair jewelleryThe second is for a lock of hair from a lady who has recently got engaged and her fiancé wanted a lock of her hair to carry as a keyring. This was set within resin on a sterling silver bezel and I engraved it on the back with her message to him. I also made her a resin heart phone charm (because I had some left-over hair), which she has subsequently given to her mum.

lock of hair jewellery
And the third pendant is this one containing rabbit fur. This was my first opportunity in setting rabbit fur into jewellery and it was wonderful to do. The fur was gorgeous to work with and the resin pendant really did show off the black and white coloured fur.

pet hair jewellery
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  1. Wow! they are very special and personal jewellery!! I can imagine that it must be really exciting and fun to make such a special items!
    I'm really looking forward the bazaar custom jewellery :D

  2. Thanks! I am looking forward to it as well :)