Sunday, 8 January 2012

Personalised Memorial Jewellery

I have been making quite a lot of memorial jewellery for cremation ashes recently so thought I would show off some of the designs. I am often asked how I cope with handling the cremated ashes from loved ones or pets. To be honest I do not think about it when I am working other than treating it with the utmost dignity and respect. As with my lock of hair keepsake jewellery I find that I can distance myself from it as I did not personally know the people involved. I do get immense satisfaction though when creating any kind of memorial jewellery as I know that I am providing an important service to the families.

Unlike traditional memorial jewellery for ashes, the resin jewellery that I use permanently encases the ashes with the pendant. Because of this there is no risk of the ashes from being lost and the jewellery is unlikely to break or smash if accidently knocked or dropped. The other benefit of using the resin to encapsulate the ashes is the jewellery can be further personalised with other small objects. For the following pendant I was asked to further personalise it with items that are important to the family. The lady was extremely fond of VW campervans and her son had sent me a VW sign from a toy car to encase with her ashes. She also liked anything red and glittery so the second request was to include lots of red glitter in there too.

Personalised Memorial Jewellery

I am often asked to include small Forget-me-not flowers within the memorial jewellery; the following small charms contain both the ashes and Forget-me-not flowers. Not only are these flowers symbolic but they are very pretty too!

Charms for Ashes

And finally these bracelet charms contain ashes, Forget-me-not flowers and small gold stars.

Keepsake Jewellery for Ashes

If you would like to find out more about my keepsake jewellery for ashes, please visit my Memorial Jewellery website page.



  1. How wonderful, your Jewellery is more special each time I see it.

    Such special keepsakes indeed.

  2. Thank you very much Lynda :)