Monday, 16 January 2012

Real pressed Fuchsia flower jewellery

I had a lovely custom jewellery order to complete recently. The order was actually first place last July however it has taken until now to complete. The lady first contacted me after seeing my Fuchsia flower necklace within my online shop which was unfortunately out of stock at the time.

The lady grows Fuchsias to show and also collects Fuchsia lore so she was quite keen to have a pendant making! I suggested that she may want to send me a few of her own flowers and after giving her advice on how to press them this is what happened. A couple of months passed and then I received a lovely selection of Fuchsias in the post from her.

Using her fuchsia flowers I photographed a few pendant designs and an example can be seen below:

Fuchsia Flower Jewellery Design

These are the pendants that I made for the lady; the first is a resin teardrop shaped pendant containing three small Fuchsia flowers.

Fuchsia Flower Pendant

The second pendant is again a teardrop shaped pendant (which really does lend itself to the shape of the Fuchsia flower) and this contains a single large flower.

Fuchsia Flower Necklace

And finally a sterling silver pendant with a small Fuchsia flower set against a silver backing that I also engraved. This pendant was to be given as a Christening gift to the lady’s niece.

Fuchsia Flower Jewellery

I love making jewellery like this where the customer has contributed towards the design and has even supplied her own flowers; which reminds me, I must remember to press a few Fuchsia flowers of my own this year!


  1. Beautiful, I love your flower jewellery. Sure your customer will be over the moon with the designs.

    1. Thanks Lynda and yes she was over the moon with the finished jewellery :)


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Just been looking at your work and it is beautiful! Following your blog now too :)