Saturday, 29 October 2011

Horse Hair Jewellery Giveaway

I have been making horse hair jewellery for quite some time now and thought it was time to bring out a new range of jewellery for the horse owner. Unlike the traditional braided horse hair jewellery, my jewellery actually uses very little hair; approximately one to two inches of hair the thickness of a pencil is more than sufficient for any of my pendant designs.

Personalised Horse Hair Jewellery

For my new range of horse hair jewellery I am looking to use longer strands of hair to incorporate into my designs. And this is the reason for the giveaway. If you are a horse owner, or know of a horse owner who can supply me with a few (maybe six) strands of tail hair (approximately twelve inches long and preferably dark in colour), I will then send you the finished prototype piece of jewellery that I make with it free as a thank you!

I will only be making one prototype for my new range of horse hair jewellery and therefore will be selecting at random the winner of the giveaway (assuming more than one person enters that is!).

The rules of this giveaway are simple. If possible please follow this blog (Using the ‘Join this site’ button located on the right of the page). Then leave a comment on this blog, maybe letting me know why you would like a piece of my horse hair jewellery and how I can contact you if you are the winner.

Horse Hair Jewellery

This giveaway will end at midday on the 11th November 2011 (which incidentally is my wife’s birthday). Good Luck!



  1. Great giveaway Mick, of course right now I cant think of anyone I know with horses, dogs yes, sheep yes but alas no horses, will keep thinking though.

  2. Love love love the top one! No horses I'm afraid but my youngest's hair is growing nicely and may be ready for a bit of a trim in the spring/summer :)

  3. Thank you both and if you come across any horse owners please direct them to my blog!

    Just one person entered so far (thank you Louise from my Facebook page).


  4. Thank you for the link, I will enter for her if i can as she is at work with the horses at the momment. Her horse is called speedy and she really would love some jewellery with his hair in it. Carl

  5. Hi mick!
    I would love to enter this,i adore my bracelet i never take it off!,i would love to see what you would be able to create with some of lozz's hair which is dark in colour,you have my email address..fingers crossed!..sasha..x