Saturday, 7 May 2011

Gone Today Hair Tomorrow

Just a quick blog post to let you know that Shpangle Jewellery will be on BBC Radio 4 on Monday 9th May 2011 describing my lock of hair jewellery and in particular my pet hair and fur jewellery. But please don't blink because I will only be on air for a minute or so in a short burst towards the end of the program.

Hair Keepsake Jewellery
The program is called 'Gone Today Hair Tomorrow' and airs at 11.00 am on Monday May 9th on BBC Radio 4 92-94 FM, and I think it is a 30 minute program. According to the BBC Radio 4 website the program is described as:

Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow - For centuries hair has been used as a symbol of remembrance; from a simple lock kept to the more intricate practice of weaving hair into bracelets or its use in art and jewellery. In this programme the historian and biographer Juliette Barker traces these practices through history and talks to some modern collectors. Now that it has become apparent that hair offers us the chance to retrieve good quality DNA could it be about to enjoy a renaissance as favoured medium once more by which we remember our loved ones and ancestors?

Sounds like it will be an interesting program!



  1. Thanks Emily! Think I will only be on for a minute somewhere towards the end :)


  2. Looking forward to your short burst!

  3. Will try the replay on line later. Congratulations oh famous one!