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Friday, 27 May 2011

Forget-me-not flower necklaces

It has been very busy here at Shpangle jewellery over the last couple of weeks and it feels like I haven't blogged for a while! Had a couple of huge orders that I have been working on as well as producing a few items for fun, especially these necklaces containing real forget-me-not flowers.

You may remember in a recent blog post My Favourite Flowers and Real Flower Jewellery when I mentioned my fascination and love of Forget-me-not flowers. Well, I have been busy since pressing a few of these flowers amongst many others for encasing within my jewellery.

The first necklace has layers of pressed Forget-me-not flowers within a heart shaped resin pendant. This necklace sold within a couple of days of me putting it into my shop (but thankfully I have lots more flowers ready to make another!).

Forget-me-not necklace
This next necklace has a few Forget-me-nots and a pink flower from a flowering currant encased within a pale pink teardrop necklace.

Real Flower Jewellery
And the last pendant is from a recent custom jewellery order that incorporates a Forget-me-not flower and a lock of hair from a pet...these are becoming popular as it is quite appropriate to incorporate these flowers with a lock of hair from a loved one or pet.

Forget-me-not and Hair Keepsake
You can see a few more examples of my jewellery incorporating Forget-me-nots and other real flowers on my Real Flower Jewellery website page.


  1. These are really good, how do you make your own pendants? I was just wondering as I would love to make my own in different styles but haven't got a clue how to go about it lol :oS can you drop me a line on folksy plz xXx

  2. Thank you both! Hi Kelly, these are made using Resin. I don't use Folksy, drop me an email sometime and I will help if I can.


  3. Simply Stunning, what wonderful work, yet more temptation from Sphangle Jewellery.


  4. Beautiful pendants, the first one that is jam-packed is just gorgeous!