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Tuesday 7 May 2024

Seaside paperweights containing shells

This warmer Spring weather we are experiencing has encouraged me to think about summer holidays, dipping toes into the sea, making sand sculptures and foraging the beach for seashells and pretty stones.

A collection of seashells and other foraged seaside items
A collection of seashells

The above are a few seashells that my family have foraged from our various summer holidays over the years. Now, I am not encouraging the collecting of shells from the beach, it is in fact illegal to do this in the UK (1949 Coastal Protection Act), however many people have (and still do) take home seashells and small pebbles from the beach as small mementoes of their family holiday.

I few years ago I highlighted various resin paperweights and jewellery containing seashells that I had created, and I thought I would share some recent creations. All these paperweights contain shells and other objects foraged from the beach that my customers have sent me. Rather than having the shells tucked away inside a cupboard, having them on display as paperweights is a lovely way to display these seaside memories.

These seashells and a piece of coral were sent to me for embedding inside resin square shaped paperweights. The paperweights were to be given as gifts to family members.

Four resin paperweights containing seashells and coral
Seashell and coral paperweights

And here is a recent resin paperweight I made containing an empty crab shell. I am not aware of the story behind this shell, but I am sure there is a sentimental reason for it.

Domed resin paperweight containing a crab shell
Crab shell paperweight

And finally, a resin paperweight made to contain a beautiful beach pebble that had sentimental value. The resin enhances the colours and textures of the shells and pebbles beautifully, almost like they have been freshly gathered from the beach.

Domed resin paperweight containing a striped beach pebble
Paperweight containing a beach pebble

I hope you all enjoyed looking at the various seaside paperweights that I have made containing shells and other beachcomber finds.


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