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Thursday 11 April 2024

Lock of Baby Hair Preserved as a Keepsake

Do you remember the first hair cut your child had as a baby or toddler? The excitement but also the sadness of cutting off those first precious locks of hair. Most of us who have children will remember that time and no doubt a lot of us kept a lock of that first precious hair too.

This is the first baby hair keepsake that I made, containing a lock of hair from my child’s first haircut and it is kept within his baby box.

A lock of baby hair set within a sterling silver and resin oval pendant
First hair cut keepsake pendant

Have you ever thought of preserving the hair so that you can keep it with you always, be it in a pendant, keyring, or other form of jewellery? Resin preservation allows you to do just that. The resin jewellery artist can take a lock of your child or loved one’s hair and preserve it in a handmade piece of jewellery that will capture the memories of that special time forever, in a unique and special way.

Two heart shaped resin pendants containing hair, ribbon and flowers
Resin hair keepsake pendants

It does not have to be just the hair from your baby or child; it could also be hair from any of your loved ones, a way of keeping a special piece of them with you always.

And let us not forget some other special members of the family. This service is also available for pet owners. If you are a pet owner and must regularly groom your animal, be it a dog, cat, rabbit, or even a horse, the pet hair can be preserved forever into a piece of jewellery allowing you to carry a special part of your treasured pet with you wherever you go.

Teardrop pendant containing pet hair, paw print and name
Pet Hair keepsake jewellery

Resin preservation is a perfect way to capture this most precious of items in a way that is unique, beautiful, timeless, and always special. The jewellery item would make a unique baby Christening gift or baby keepsake for you to keep forever.

The resin jewellery artist will collaborate with you every step of the way throughout the design and production process to ensure you are happy with your special piece.

It really is a most unique and exquisite way to preserve your special items and memories.


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