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Monday 13 May 2024

Cat Fur Keepsake Jewellery

It has been over 14 years since I made my very first resin keepsake pendant containing pet fur. These are the first keepsake pendants that I made back in February 2010 containing the fur from a much-loved dog.

Teardrop and heart shaped resin pendants containing pet fur
Pet fur resin keepsake jewellery

Over the years I have continued to make both resin and sterling silver keepsake pendants for pet hair in many traditional shapes and sizes (heart, teardrop, circular, square, oval etc) and whilst I have been able to personalise the pendants with additional objects (photos, paw prints, names, flowers etc), I haven’t previously made a pendant in the shape of the pet.

That is until now. I recently made this sterling silver cat shaped pendant for Carol, containing the fur from a much-loved cat named Rio who sadly recently passed away. The silver cat pendant holds a small sample of Rio’s fur set with clear resin and I added a small amount of glitter dust to give the pendant a nice sparkle.

Cat shaped pendant containing fur
Cat fur keepsake pendant

And to compliment the cat shaped pendant, I also made these sterling silver stud earrings in the shape of a cat’s head. Like the cat shaped pendant, I have set a small amount of Rio’s fur within each of the stud earring with clear resin and glitter dust.

Cat shaped earring studs containing cat fur
Cat fur keepsake stud earrings

Carol received her keepsake jewellery, and here is her response:

Hiya Mick 

Your parcel arrived today and yet again you little devil you made me cry like a baby for ages! Everything I ordered was so absolutely amazing but then your extra gift just set me off all over again. I can't thank you enough for all of my amazing pieces and picking which one to wear first is almost impossible and I'm thinking I'll just wear them all and the ones you made me previously too. I'm just going to print a sign and walk around with it telling everyone who made these stunning pieces. It'll save my vocal cords lol. I put them all in a line and my other four furries came and sniffed them. Tigger his brother and Rosie his girlfriend meowed at me as well, so I think they were all very happy too.

I'm now going to Facebook to tell everyone you make your customers blubber like babies because you are such a fantastic designer. I can't thank you enough for giving me such beautiful pieces to celebrate my beautiful boy I've popped a picture of him below so you can see what a handsome boy he was.

From a very, very soggy


Here is her beautiful cat Rio:

A forward facing photo of a beautiful cat
Beautiful Rio the cat

I hope you like my new cat shaped keepsake jewellery for fur, now to look at making similar pendants for other animals.


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