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Friday 1 March 2024

Preserving Formula 1 Tyre Rubber Debris

I was recently sent some pieces of Formula 1 tyre rubber debris that someone managed to collect from their visit to the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone motor racing circuit in 2023. The lady wanted me to preserve the tyre rubber within a resin paperweight, and this is what I made for her:

Resin paperweight containing pieces of Formula 1 tyre rubber
Formular 1 Tyre Rubber Paperweight

I set the Formula 1 car tyre rubber inside a domed resin paperweight and had it embossed with the wording ‘Silverstone F1 2023’. The tyre debris rubber pieces were bigger than I imagined. With the biggest piece of rubber measuring approximately four inches in length (which I had to cut into two to fit the paperweight), and the smallest measuring approximately one inch in length. The rubber debris left on the track is often referred to as ‘marbles’ within the racing world. I think they should be referred to ‘shredded’ in this case! 

Formula 1 racing circuit with car and tyre debris (marbles)
Racing circuit tyre debris 'marbles'

The customer who sent me the tyre rubber were lucky to attend the 2023 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, and during their visit managed to collect (or perhaps they were given) the tyre debris that had been left behind on the track after the race. How they managed to collect the tyre rubber is a mystery to me (or to be honest, I forgot to ask). Maybe people who attend Formula 1 races are allowed onto the track after a race? Either way, having the rubber mounted within the paperweight is a lovely keepsake and memory of what I can imagine having been an amazing day!

I must admit that I am not normally a fan of Formula 1 motor racing, I have visited our local motor racing venue (Mallory Park) on many occasions to watch classic and club motorsport, but Formula 1 has never appealed to me. However, if anyone from Silverstone or any other motor racing circuit would like me to recycle the left-over tyre rubber marbles into paperweight gifts, please let me know!!


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