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Monday 4 December 2023

Paperweights containing coins

Recently I had an interesting request for a custom-made resin paperweight. A solicitor firm asked me to make two paperweights containing £1.62 in coins (a £1 coin, a 50p coin, a 10p coin and a 2p coin).

Custom made paperweight containing £1.62 in coins
Custom made coin paperweight

The paperweights were to be given as gifts and were intended to jocularly mark the successful completion of a laborious book-keeping exercise which involved having to identify an apparent £1.62 discrepancy – eventually successfully completed! Above is the custom-made paperweight containing £1.62 in coins:

I love some of the more obscure stories behind the objects that I am asked to preserve within paperweights. Making these paperweights had me thinking about other paperweights I have been asked to make containing coins, and here are a few examples:

This paperweight I made contains a Queen Elizabeth II platinum jubilee £5 coin, made for a barrister to be given as a gift to his colleague.

Queen Elizabeth II platinum jubilee £5 coin paperweight
Queen Elizabeth coin paperweight

A paperweight containing a selection of United States one cent coins, presumably kept as a keepsake from a visit to the United States.

Domed resin paperweight containing one cent coins
Bespoke paperweight containing one cent coins

A New York souvenir coin, taken as a souvenir from a visit to the centre in 2001.

Bespoke resin paperweight containing a souvenir coin
Souvenir coin paperweight

These are just a small selection of the custom-made paperweights that I have made over the years containing special coins. Do you have any coins that you have kept for sentimental reasons?


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