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Tuesday 14 November 2023

Remembrance Day Poppy Ring

This year (2023) I made this poppy ring for my wife for Remembrance Day. The ring is sterling silver and I have incorporated a 10mm glass cabochon containing an image of poppies into the ring setting. For the ring design, I wanted to incorporate an image of poppies that was not too realistic, more of an artistic impression of poppies. I even considered including a miniature poppy inside the ring setting, but finally decided to incorporate something that was more subtle. 

Remembrance Day ring with the central cabochon containing Poppy flowers
Remembrance Day Poppy Ring

I ordered the glass cabochon containing poppies from a company in Germany who handmake the cabochons. In fact, they make cabochons in many unique designs, incorporating about every type of image that you would need! I received poppy cabochons with several different images and my son, and I agreed on the most appropriate poppy image for the ring.

Six circular cabochons containing images of Poppy flowers
Poppy Cabochons

My wife loved the ring, she was born on Remembrance Day so as well as being an important day for remembering the fallen, the day has always been a day of personal significance for her too!


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