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Thursday 28 September 2023

Personalised love heart sweet paperweight

Over 10 years ago, back in October 2011, I wrote an article about the messages found on love heart sweets. Around this time, I also started to make resin pendants containing the sweets, and I didn’t realise at the time how popular these would be. Today I continue to make both pendants and paperweights containing individual love heart sweets.

A packet of bespoke love heart sweets set within a clear resin paperweight
Personalised love heart sweets paperweight

Well, recently I was asked if I was able to preserve a small packet of personalised love heart sweets within a resin paperweight. The completed paperweight can be seen above.

The message I received was: “Would you be able to put this packet of bespoke love heart sweets into a paperweight?  I had these sweets with the bespoke wrappers printed for my daughter’s wedding and would love to make a paperweight with one of them as a present for her husband.   The packet is about 3 cm long not including the clear wrapper ends either side, so it would need to be a little bigger than this (I don’t know your sizes).  And I was thinking a round shape so that you can see the text.

This is the first time that I have heard of personalised love heart sweets and what a great idea they are! These small packets of sweets can be given as wedding favours to the wedding guests; they are personalised on the packet labelling with the names of the married couple, along with the date of the wedding, the wording ‘Just Married’ and love heart symbols; making a lovely keepsake for the married couple, family and friends.

I set the small packet of personalised love heart sweets inside a resin domed shaped paperweight. The sweet packet was positioned with the ‘Just Married’ text facing upwards, the name of the married couple on one side and the love heart symbols on the other side.

What a lovely keepsake for the married couple, and a forever reminder of their special day!


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