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Monday 18 September 2023

Memorial tea light candle holders for ashes

I mentioned in March that I had introduced a latest item within my range of keepsake jewellery and memorial ornaments for hair or fur, a resin tea light candle holder for pet fur.

Well, last month a lady asked me if I could set the cremated ashes from her pet dogs within a resin memorial tea light candle holder.

This is the completed tea light holder; the candle holder is cast using clear resin and is heart shaped measuring approximately 10cm in diameter. The central jar holding the tea light is glass and is removeable, allowing the tea light candle holder to be used as a trinket dish as an alternative option. The cremated ashes are embedded inside the resin and scattered throughout the heart shaped candle holder.

A clear resin heart shaped tea light holder containing ashes
Heart shaped tea light holder containing ashes

Another customer recently asked me if I could set a loved ones’ ashes inside a resin tea light holder in the shape of a flower. This is the  completed clear resin flower shaped tea light holder. The holder measures approximately 8cm in diameter and the cremated ashes have been encased throughout the resin cast flower petals. Again, the central glass holder containing the tea light is a removeable glass cylinder, allowing the holder to be used as a trinket dish.

A clear resin flower shaped candle holder containing ashes
Flower shaped candle holder containing ashes

These custom-made tea light holders are a lovely way to light a candle in remembrance to a loved one.

Are there any alternative tea light holder shapes that you would be interested in?


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