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Monday 15 May 2023

Bespoke Retirement Paperweights

Over three years ago I wrote a blog post about a custom retirement paperweight gift that I had made for a retiree from a company. Well recently I have been asked to make several similar paperweights for various companies and charities, the bespoke paperweights are to be given as retirement gifts to the departing employees.

The following are just a few examples of the bespoke retirement paperweights that I have recently been asked to make and all contain objects that were sent to me by the business or charity for encasing inside the resin paperweight.

Refuse derived fuel pellet within a paperweight.

For the first bespoke retirement paperweight I was asked to make, my customer sent me an unusual object to be encased inside the paperweight. To be honest, I was not sure what the object was after receiving it and I had to ask my customer to explain.

A square resin paperweight containing a fuel pellet and personalised with text
Refuse derived fuel pellet paperweight

 The object is a refuse derived fuel pellet, made from recycled household waste (paper/plastic fractions), and it is designed to replace coal. This is a new one for me and the first time I have seen a fuel pellet made from recycled refuse, looks great inside the paperweight too!

MS Society badge paperweight

This next paperweight I was asked to make for the MS Society, a UK wide group of volunteers, fundraisers, researchers and campaigners who are working together to help those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Domed resin paperweight containing a MS Society badge
MS Society badge paperweight

The paperweight was to be made as a retirement gift for the Chair of the MS Society board of trustees. I was sent a small badge (the very last ‘shining star’ being awarded by the MS Society) to be included inside the paperweight.

Employee name badge paperweight

This last paperweight contains the metal employee name badge worn by the employee who was soon to retire from the company.
Domed resin paperweight containing an employee name badge
Employee name badge paperweight

I always feel honoured when asked to make these bespoke retirement paperweights for companies and charities. It is such a thoughtful gift to an employee or volunteer who has given so much.


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