Friday, 11 February 2011

My BBC Radio 4 Interview

It has been quite an exciting week at Shpangle Jewellery this week; you may remember recently my jewellery featured in a movie, well on Tuesday I was interviewed by a producer for BBC Radio 4 for a documentary they are in the middle of making. The producer contacted me a few weeks ago and they explained how they were making a documentary about the history of keeping peoples hair (for example Victorian hair jewellery) and wanted to feature me as the modern day equivalent. As well as the lock of hair jewellery that I make, they were also particularly interested in the pet hair jewellery and this was to be the main topic of the interview.

Shpangle Jewellery on the Radio
On Tuesday morning the BBC producer arrived and explained that he had travelled as far as USA to interview people. We had a little chat and everything was going well until...he put his earphones on and switched on the tape recorder! My brain instantly turned to jelly and I became so nervous. What was worse was the fact that he had just explained that he wouldn’t be on the final recording; I should therefore not answer his questions directly but to speak as if I was reporting the subject.

Hair Jewellery
He asked me lots of questions such as explaining how the lock of hair and pet hair jewellery is made, describing the jewellery and reasons for people buying it. I think I managed to somehow squeeze out sufficient answers through my nervousness, a bit silly really since I have done many a presentation to company directors during my career as a senior systems engineer. But this felt really different as I knew I was presenting myself to possibly thousands of people who will hopefully listen to it on the radio!

Afterwards he explained that it would be edited (to remove my long pauses etc) and that he will also put a link to me and maybe some pictures onto the BBC website! The program is due to be broadcast on May 9th at 11.00 a.m. on BBC Radio 4. I am now left wondering what will be next, first a film and then a radio show; perhaps a book?


  1. Please can I have your autograph? before you forget your meagre friends..

    Looking forward to that link, already told my family the 'celebrity' jewellery maker I know will be on Radio 4.

    Looking forward to those links on the BBC.

    Well done, sure it will be great.


  2. Many congratulations Mick!

    You have my complete sympathies for 'brain mush syndrome' as I am terrible at interviews and such like - I tend to get really tongue tied and talk rubbish!

    I hope you get loads of well deserved business from it.

    Ali x

  3. Many thanks Lynda and Ali! I am glad it wasn't filmed though...I once took my wife to a local football match and Sky sports were filming. They interviewed some of the crowd, including me (my wife said I looked so nervous)...they then interviewed my wife and guess which footage they showed on TV..yes my wife and left mine out!


  4. Well done, really pleased for you. Its great to have your talent recognised; I'd only say 'what took them so long'


  5. So cool! Will you remember all of us peasants when you are rich and famous? ;0)

    So well done Mick - you really deserve this

  6. There is no way I could handle being famous lol...if I had trouble giving a radio interview there is no way I would cope with the rest of it...the money would be nice though!