Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Keepsake Jewellery for my Wife

You may remember a recent blog post where I had made a name on rice necklace for our daughters’ birthday – Personalised Birthday Presents. Well, it was my wife’s birthday a few weeks ago and one of her birthday presents from me was, guess what, yes a name on rice necklace!

The keepsake necklace contained four grains of rice each one with our names on; my wife, me and the two children. I set the grains of rice within a glass vial that had a glass daisy fused onto the outside of the vial, I also coloured the preservative oil within the vial a tint of pink.

Personalised Birthday Jewellery
My apologies for the quality of the photograph but my wife has worn her name on rice necklace every day since her birthday and I haven’t had chance to photograph it properly yet. She even managed to get an order for four pendants the first day she wore it from her friend at work!

Making name on rice pendants is proving quite useful when it comes to family birthday presents and gifts. It was my wife’s uncle and aunts Ruby wedding anniversary recently and we thought it would be nice to give them something handmade and personal as a gift, as well as being a keepsake to their Ruby Wedding celebrations.

Ruby Wedding Jewellery
I made a key-chain for her uncle and a necklace for her aunt, each with two grains of rice, both with their names on. I also included a tiny Ruby Swarovski crystal bead to make it even more personal to the occasion.

If you would like to see more of my rice writing, please visit my name on rice jewellery gallery.



  1. I just love these!! so beautiful!

  2. Many thanks Becky, your comment really is appreciated :) Mick

  3. I love the pink tint you've given them :) Such great little gifts!

  4. Thank you! Yes, everyone seems to be asking for them to be tinted pink now that I have started doing it :)

  5. What a lucky girl Mrs Shpangle is:) Stunning work Mick.


  6. Thank you Lynda! I am really loving this rice writing, I find an excuse to make one for any occasion but the one I did for Mrs Shpangle is extra extra special :)


  7. Only just seen these Mick, they are fab!!

    I absolutely love the pendant you made for your wife... such a unique piece and definitely a fab keepsake.

    It's so nice to have something unique and special incorporating the whole family by name, rather than the standard "relation" type of thing.

    Well done!!

    Laura xxx