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Wednesday 20 October 2010

The Ozric Tentacles Experience

It has been a mad last few days in Shpangle land; on Friday 15th October I went to see my favourite band the Ozric Tentacles at the newly refurbished HMV Institute in Birmingham. The Ozrics (as they are sometimes called) have been an inspiration for me for years and continue to be my most listened to music. With 30 albums spanning over 25 years of music making there is plenty to choose from.

Ozric Tentacles Live 2010
Ozric Tentacles Live 2010 - HMV Institute Birmingham

I went to the gig with my wife Angela and my brother Rob who took lots of photos, so many thanks Rob for doing that and for driving. It was his first experience of seeing and in fact listening to the Ozrics, and I think he is now a converted man. Angela and me have been to loads of Ozric gigs over the years and have many happy memories, and this one was no exception. We were right at the front, the venue was very friendly and the atmosphere electric.

The Ozric tentacles have had several band members come and go over the years, and Ed Wynne (pictured below) who writes the majority of their music is now joined by his wife Brandi on bass guitar, his son Silas on keyboards and a drummer called Oli. They have now moved to America so any chance to see them playing live in this country has to be taken.

Ozric Tentacles - Ed Wynne - Birmingham 2010
Ozric Tentacles - Ed Wynne - Birmingham 2010

The Ozric Tentacles are true artists and have that ability to paint pictures with their music. I often play their music when I am making my jewellery and always do when I am making my name on rice jewellery as the music gets me into the right zone for when I am writing on rice.

This picture was taken of me ‘letting my hair down’ to one of their many tunes and probably sums up the night. I was pretty much useless for the next couple of days, and was completely Ozric’d out, ached in every muscle of my body but it was so worth it!

Me at Ozrics Gig 2010 - Birmingham
Me at Ozrics Gig 2010 - Birmingham

On Monday night my brother took me to see the comedian Frankie Boyle in concert. He was so funny and just as I had recovered from the Ozrics gig; I not have an aching face from all the laughing! I have often seen him on Television and have thought him to be controversial but playing live he doesn’t hold back at all!

What a mad few days. If you get a chance to see the ozrics playing near your town or city, please go along as I promise you, you will never forget the experience :)

If you are interested in reading about the artist responsible for the album cover art for the Ozrics, please read my Album cover artist Blim article.

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  1. Looks like you have been having a great time. Must confess to have never heard of Ozrics, sorry.
    But as a long standing Stranglers fan I feel your pain after a gig, funny how it didnt seem to hurt so much 30 years ago?
    I will look out for them.


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