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Tuesday 18 May 2010

My first name on rice custom order

I completed these pendants last week and they are the result of my first custom order for 'name on rice' pendants.

The young lady who contacted me wanted the pendants personalised with the words 'Ari (heart) Roni' writing on the grain of rice, and also wanted two identical pendants making, one for her and one for her sister.

Personalised name on rice necklaces
Personalised name on rice necklaces

These 'name on rice' pendants proved quite a challenge, it wasn't the wording that was the problem it was the heart symbol. For some reason I am not the best at drawing hearts on paper and trying to draw something that resembles a heart on a grain of rice is a different matter! She also wanted the pendants colouring with a tint of blue. Anyway, several hours later (and many grains of rice) I had produced two pendants that I was happy with.

She is over the moon with her new pendants and so am I for overcoming the challenge of my first custom order!

You can see more 'name on rice' jewellery, the history and symbolism on my name on rice page.


  1. Wow these are so amazing looks very fiddly to do you must have the patience of a saint!!lol. Just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment you left on my made my day


  2. WOW I am in awe of you, that must have been extremely fiddley

  3. They are stunning, and a really fab gift.


  4. Stunning again Mick. Great work!

  5. wow, that's amazing, so lovely.


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