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Monday 3 May 2010


It was the 1st of May on Saturday, and the beginning of May means something important to me, it is the start of the Festival season!

I absolutely love going to festivals; spending three or four days being transported to another world. A world where everyone around you are there to celebrate good music and good company. A world where the rules and barriers put down by our society are broken and people are free to be their real selves. A world where the words 'morning', 'afternoon' and 'evening' become meaningless because day and night becomes one never-ending experience.

No material possessions, no 'home comforts', smelly portaloos, dirt and mud growing out of every orifice. Thousands of tents, but nobody sleeps, food like you have never seen before. People dressed as fantastical creatures from some far-away planet.

Happy, dazed and sometimes crazed, the people around you become one, a festival family of happy individuals who have completely forgotten what life is like the other side of those festival gates.

Mick Cluley at Canterbury Festival
Mick Cluley at Canterbury Festival

This picture was taken at one of our festivals my wife Angela and me went to, Canterbury Festival. I think we spent most of the festival just sitting outside the chill-out tent watching the festival world go by. And what a beautiful world it was.....


  1. Fujirock in Japan---you are lucky!!

    Our favourite festival in the UK is the offthetracks festival held in Castle Donington. It is a small family run festival held on a farm...the atmosphere is wonderful!


  2. Just reading that makes me feel 'almost' relaxed, sounds great. Glad you and Mrs Shpangle have had the chance for some enjoyment.



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