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Monday 22 February 2010

My Latest Pressed Flower Jewellery

The impending arrival of spring and Mothers Day has inspired me this week to start making some pressed flower jewellery. Well to tell you the truth, being handed a lovely gift of a box full of pressed flowers made me feel quite guilty that I should be making something with them! They have been sitting there for the last few weeks calling out to me and so this week I gave in to the temptation and had my wicked resin way with them.

Please correct me if I have incorrectly named the flowers that I have selected. I am far from being green fingered, sticky fingered maybe but gardening has never been my strong point!

The first one is a single pressed Fuchsia flower, set within a clear teardrop shaped resin pendant...

Real Fuchsia flower necklace
Real Fuchsia flower necklace

This second group of pendant are pressed Viola flowers set within both heart and teardrop shaped resin pendants.

Real flower jewellery - Viola pendants
Real flower jewellery - Viola pendants

So, I have finally quietened down my box of pressed flowers for the time being. They are quietly chatting amongst themselves and debating who will be next in line to be transformed into something beautiful....

Please visit my website for more examples of Real Flower Jewellery


  1. lovely, lovely, lovely!:-)

    the fuchsia is just magnificent!:-)

    glad you had your wicked resin way with them!:-)



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