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Wednesday 24 February 2010

A dog hair jewellery keepsake - In memory of Kesha

This is a recent custom jewellery order that I was asked to make, and it was a real pleasure to create something so special. It is Kesha's dog fur/hair preserved within resin pendants. Kesha was a much loved and sadly missed dog who’s owner wanted something so that (in her words) ‘Kesha will be with me forever now’.

Dog hair keepsake pendants
Dog hair keepsake pendants

I made these pendants with great pleasure as I knew how much they would mean to the owner. There is no better feeling than using my creativity and producing something so sentimental and personal to the owner. Providing a piece of jewellery that is not just an item of jewellery but a keepsake full of memories.

The memory of Kesha will now be kept close to her owner forever...

Please visit my pet hair keepsake Jewellery website page for more examples of pet hair keepsakes.


  1. That is a lovely idea! Congratulations you must have had such a nice feeling making them
    dee x

  2. It's amazing to see the passion that people have for their animals. What a lovely idea for a memory.

  3. This is really beautiful. I thought I was the only one who kept their dogs hair! I've kept my old dogs in a locket, but this is such a good idea! I may have to consider it myself!

    Lottie x

  4. I love this idea, hopefully you will get some business from my doggie forum:)


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