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Thursday 28 January 2010

How to Make Personalised Photo Jewellery

I was recently given the opportunity to make some resin photograph pendants and keyrings for the very talented Laura and Gord of Cards & Candles for All Occasions.

The resin pendant and keyrings were to be made double sided and each would contain some very special family photographs. The photographs were emailed to me (which helped as I could then photo-edit them to fit into suitable pendant designs). The following describes the tasks I carried out to convert their very special photos into items of jewellery.
  • Firstly make a paper template for the pendant shape and size. This should be made slightly smaller than the resin mould so that air bubbles are not trapped beneath the photo.
  • Using photo-editing software the photo is then resized to fit, and the pendant template overlaid as seen below:
    Photo jewellery design
    Photo jewellery design
  • Again, using Photo-editing software, the unwanted photograph area is removed and the photo jewellery design is presented as seen below:
Photo jewellery design
Photo jewellery design
  • Using scissors, the photograph is then trimmed, ready to be embedded into the resin mould.
  • A thin layer of clear resin is then made up and poured into the mould. The photograph is then laid face-down into the resin and carefully tapped with a cocktail stick over the surface to remove any unwanted air bubbles. It is then left undisturbed over night to cure.
  • A second layer of resin is then made and coloured to suit. In my case I used a pearlescent white pigment. This is then poured over the first layer and it is again left undisturbed over night.
  • Because my pendants were to be made reversible, a second photograph is then placed face-up into the mould and sealed with a final coating of clear resin.
The pendant is then left several days to cure, removed from the mould, sanded, drilled and jewellery findings attached. And this is the result, beautiful and personalised photo jewellery, handmade by me!#

Personalised resin photo jewellery
Personalised resin photo jewellery

For more details about photo jewellery please visit my website page Personalised Photo Jewellery.

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