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Thursday 21 January 2010

Crafters are such lovely people

Recently whilst paying my regular visit to a local craft shop (Kim’s Crafts in Hinckley), I was having a conversation with the owner (Kim) about pressed flowers. We were talking about how I sometimes use pressed flowers with my jewellery and also how the art of pressed flower picture making was not so popular these days.

I left the shop (clutching various crafty bits) and walked home. On my way home I received a phone-call from Kim who said that another customer had overheard our conversation and had something for me. Ooh I thought and so the next day, I raced back to the shop and was handed these!

A box full of pressed flowers
A box full of pressed flowers

A craft box full to the brim with pressed flowers and some pictures the lady had made! I almost fell to the floor when I saw them and was completely overcome. So I gave some of my pendants in exchange and everyone was extremely happy...especially me since I have got lots of flower jewellery to make now!

It does make you realise how the world can be such a wonderful place when things like that happen to you.

To see some examples of flowers set in jewellery, visit my new Wedding Keepsakes page.


  1. What a lovely lady... it's gestures like this which really make us appreciate other people and realise that not everything in the world is 'bad' - thank you for sharing such a lovely story :)

    I'll be blogging about you soon, as soon as I find my camera lead so will let you know when it's done.

    Love Laura xxx

  2. Lovely story, thanks for sharing


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