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Monday 21 December 2009

A lock of my son's hair set in jewellery...

I made this last week and it is a lock of my son's hair preserved forever in a piece of jewellery. The hair is set in resin on a sterling silver bezel and I am sure you agree that it makes a very unique keepsake.

I think it will join the growing number of pendants that I have put into his baby memory box. It will probably make a young lady very happy when he is older and he opens his baby box to find a hoard of lovely pendants! I hope if that happens it is given to somebody very special.

lock of hair jewellery
Hair keepsake pendant

Anyway, unintentionally this pendant has given me an idea. If think I will start promoting this service on mum and baby forums and magazines...what better satisfaction than preserving something so special into a piece of handmade jewellery.

I've already made a start and added a page to my website that can be seen here...Lock of Hair Preserved in Keepsake Jewellery


  1. This is very sweet! Like the hair jewelry of the Victorian era.

  2. Another superb Victorian revival piece.

    Love your designs.


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