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Monday 7 December 2009

Is having a craft stall like giving birth ?

I wouldn't know because I'm a man but this is how I see it...

I had a stall at a local school at the weekend and although it went really well, lots of sales, nice comments and possible orders, I still find it a painful experience. I am not really a selling kind of person; I love being in my own world making my jewellery but as soon as I have to share it with anybody else, my body turns to jelly.

I haven't had a stall for six months and I think the painful memories of the last labour must have been forgotten (Its funny how the brain does that to you). Anyway I crouched there behind my table (they didn't supply chairs) and thought 'what am I doing here?'. Sandwiched in between several 'bought-in jewellery' stalls and another selling 'bought-in babies clothes', sweat pouring down my face because we were all stuck in an unventilated class room, all kinds of people fiddling with my bits and I this what it's like to give birth ?

(Apologies for the lack of pictures, but I was so overwhelmed by the occasion)

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  1. I think so -although I haven't had the 'pleasure' personally, its got to be the same!!


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