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Monday 25 April 2022

Paw print pet memorial jewellery

Understandably I am often asked to add a paw print to my pet memorial jewellery for pet hair and ashes. This is usually a single silver paw print inside the pendant and is often accompanied by a silver name or initials. An example of a pet hair keepsake pendant that I have previously made containing a single paw print can be seen below.

Pet hair keepsake keyring with paw print
Pet hair keepsake keyring with paw print

I was recently contacted by Kathryn who wanted to preserve some hair from her much loved pet within a resin keepsake pendant. Kathryn supplied me with a sketch for her personalised design for the pendant and said "I attach a photo of a basic idea of what I am thinking about - the main question is do you think you will be able to get the four paw prints in as I've drawn? I was just thinking I like the idea of the four as if he were walking / standing there!"

This is the first pet hair pendant that I have made to contain four paw prints, and it is a lovely idea!

Pet hair pendant with paw prints
Pet hair pendant with paw prints

After receiving her pet memorial keepsake pendant, Kathryn sent me this lovely message:

“My jewellery has arrived safe and sound - I absolutely love them they are exactly what I wanted and just perfect. I cannot thank you enough for your amazing kindness in sending the additional pendant and charm - I was overwhelmed! For the first time in so long I cried happy tears...

Thank you so, so much. Now he will not only be forever in my heart but physically close to me as well. I miss him so very much - knowing I have a little part of him with me all the time helps. 

Once again thank you...


I have been making pet hair remembrance jewellery for many years and I love how the designs keep evolving. Also receiving lovely messages like this after people have received their keepsake jewellery means the world to me. 


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