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Thursday 20 January 2022

My poem about the life of a train

I have been reading my previous blog posts and discovered that it has been 10 years since I last drafted a poem (back in February 2012), titled Hello Mr Snowman, a poem about our snowman that melted away.

So, I thought I should share a poem that I wrote when I was at high school. 

125 mph the train sped by
Like a hawk falling from the sky
Through the bushes, rivers, and trees
Not stopping to catch the midnight breeze.

High Speed Train (HST)
High Speed Train (HST)

But in the future, it will start to die
No longer will it fly
It will fall from a breakers hammer
Oh boy will there be a big dilemma.

Decommissioned High Speed Train (HST)
Decommissioned High Speed Train (HST)

I authored this poem about a train for a high school project about 40 years ago (I was a train spotter at the time). It is quite memorable for me because of the grade that the teacher gave me... C+ (which was quite upsetting at the time); poetry and art is so subjective, and to grade a person's personal poem is wrong, what do you think?


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