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Tuesday 11 January 2022

How to care for and protect resin jewellery

I am often asked how to care for resin jewellery and the ways to prevent wear and tear or even discolouration to the resin.

Resin jewellery is prone to discolouration or yellowing if exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. I always ensure that the resin I use is an industrial type of resin, containing UV inhibitors and is therefore UV stabilized to minimise such damage. Most craft resins and home project resins are not UV stabilized.

Resin Jewellery
Resin Jewellery

I always supply customers with care instructions with their completed jewellery. If these simple instructions are followed, the jewellery will last a life time. I have items of resin jewellery that I made over 10 years ago and they still look as new.

The following summarise the methods used to care for resin jewellery:

1) To keep the shine to silver jewellery and findings, use an excellent quality silver polishing cloth, such as Goddard's silver polish cloth that can be purchased from most supermarkets.

Silver polishing cloth
Silver polishing cloth

2) Avoid exposing the resin jewellery to unnecessary chemicals or products which may cause damage to the silver or resin. e.g., Sun lotion, bleach and other related products can damage silver and resin.

3) Regularly polishing the resin jewellery with a small amount of carnauba wax will prevent scratches and wear to the resin. I use Meguiars Deep Crystal Step 3 Carnauba Wax that can be purchased from any car maintenance shop such as Halfords.

Resing care - Wax
Resing care - Wax

4) Resin jewellery can be cleaned with lukewarm soapy water if required, but bathing, showering, and swimming with resin jewellery should be avoided to prevent over exposure.

5) Resin jewellery should not be exposed to extended periods of sun or heat as this can cause unnecessary bleaching and damage to the jewellery

6) When the resin jewellery is not being worn, it is best to keep it in its original packaging to help keep it in optimum condition.

I hope these care instructions for resin jewellery are helpful and enables you to have many years of enjoyment from your jewellery.


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