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Thursday 9 September 2021

World Trade Center stamped coin souvenir

It has been 20 years since the deadly attacks of 9/11, and I thought on this anniversary that I would share a custom-made paperweight I was asked to make earlier this year.

I was sent an elongated coin that had been pressed during a tourist visit to the World Trade Center in January 2001, just eight months before the attack on the twin towers. The coin has been pressed with an image of the New York sky line, complete with the twin towers and the wording ‘World Trade Center – New York’.

World Trade Center coin souvenir custom paperweight
World Trade Center coin souvenir custom paperweight

Presumably the souvenir coin pressing machine was located within a tourist area of the Word Trade Center, perhaps at the entrance or an observation deck?

I encased the coin within a square resin paperweight and included some lettering to record the occasion. If  you would like to see more of my custom-made paperweights, please view them from the menu above.



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