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Thursday 30 September 2021

Electrician Gift – Promotional Paperweight

I recently finished making this resin paperweight containing a lightbulb. The paperweight is one of several paperweights I have been asked to make for the owner of an electrical services company in London. 

Lightbulb Paperweight - Electrician Gift
Lightbulb Paperweight - Electrician Gift

The electrician who has recently started his company, required several custom paperweights making so that he could give them to his clients in order to advertise and promote his business. The custom-made paperweight contains a real lightbulb and is further personalised with the website address for the company.

Promotional paperweights for an Electrician
Promotional paperweights for an Electrician

The lightbulb paperweight would make an unusual gift to give to present to an electrician, anyone involved in the lighting industry or even somebody who has recently had a bright idea!

If you would like to see more examples of my custom-made paperweights that I have made, please select from the menu above.

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