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Wednesday 22 April 2020

How to Preserve a Child's Arts & Crafts Models

I originally started to write this article before the current situation; however it seems to be even more relevant now with the majority of children being at home. Many children are home-schooling in isolation at this time; with many arts and crafts items being made daily.

Firstly I must say that I wish I had known how to preserve my son’s craft models when he was younger. I have been asked on quite a few occasions to preserve a child’s model within resin paperweights. Often these pieces of art are made while the child is at nursery, pre-school or early years at primary school and taken home. They can be quite delicate in nature and over the years can become damaged without protection.

Whether it is Plasticine, Playdough (Play-Doh), Fimo or other craft modelling method used, I can encase the model within a paperweight, to be preserved and enjoyed for years to come.

This is an example of a child’s Christmas decoration made out of Plasticine at pre-school. Obviously, without protect, the decoration would degrade over the years. However, once preserved within the paperweight, the Child’s art can be enjoyed every day, without the worry of it becoming damaged.

Paperweight for a child's Plasticine decoration
Paperweight for a child's Plasticine decoration

This is an example of a piece of art made by a child using Hama Beads, I have preserved this within a resin paperweight and personalised the paperweight with a customer supplied message.

Paperweight for a Hama Bead craft creation
Paperweight for a Hama Bead craft creation

This is an example of a piece of art made by a child using a form of air dry clay. The model is again preserved within a domed paperweight.

Paperweight for a Child's clay craft creation

And it is not just modelling clay crafts that can be preserved within paperweights; I can also preserve other modelling craft items including sugar icing flowers and other embellishments for cakes.

I hope that everybody is staying safe and well during this uncertain period; and this article has provided you with some inspiration!

Take care


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