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Saturday 25 August 2012

Custom Made Paperweights

“Not more custom made paperweights” I hear you so. I am afraid so, not sure what to blog about this week so thought I would show off a few more paperweights that I have made recently. I love blogging about my jewellery but I get excited when I am asked to encase something different within a paperweight... and just want to share them with everyone!

The first paperweight contains several parrot feathers and this was made for a lady in America. The photograph really doesn’t do the paperweight justice since in real life the subtle colours and textures of the feathers are fantastic.

Custom Made Paperweight - Feather Paperweight
Parrot Feather Paperweight

This next paperweight is the first one I have made to contain a real flower. The flower was actually brought back to the UK from a funeral that was held in Cyprus and I am sure made a lovely keepsake.

Custom Made Paperweight - Real Flower Paperweight
Real Flower Paperweight

This next paperweight is a square option that I provide and in this case contains a lock of hair...

Custom Made Paperweight - Lock of Hair Paperweight
Lock of Hair Paperweight

The beauty about the square paperweight is that it can be stood upright on one of its edges to provide a display piece as illustrated in this example:

Hair Keepsake
Hair Keepsake

If you would like to read more about my paperweights, please visit my Custom Made Paperweights website page.

I appreciate I haven’t been blogging for a while but it should be back to normal next week since my children go back to school! It has been a little difficult juggling my jewellery business and entertaining them over the summer holidays but I have managed to survive!



  1. Wonderful as always, I do love those square paperweights, glad you showed those off. The Parrot feather are rather cool too.

    1. Thanks Lynda and yes the parrot feather paperweight is one of my favourites too.



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