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Saturday 12 May 2012

Haribo jelly ring in a paperweight

I had quite a lot of fun making this custom made paperweight this last week so I thought I would share it with you. You may remember a previous blog post where I showed you my Haribo jelly sweet engagement rings and mentioned I had been preserving quite a few of these rings for happy couples.

Preserved Haribo sweet engagement ring
Preserved Haribo sweet engagement ring

Some people wear the Haribo rings hung from cord as necklaces and others mount them in picture frames as a keepsake for their special day. I wasn’t aware that the use of a Haribo ring as a temporary engagement ring was so common until I started making these but it is! I get requests from people all over the world and even got sent a ring this week from Australia!

Last week I was asked to preserve two Haribo rings within a resin paperweight and this was the result. I was also asked to supply the rings (which I was quite keen to do since I welcome any excuse to buy some Haribos). This proved quite a challenge though since the Haribo rings had to be specific colours. Several bags of Haribo Starmix later (and quite a full tummy), I managed to find the correct coloured rings and here they are.

Haribo jelly sweet engagement rings in a paperweight
Haribo jelly sweet engagement rings in a paperweight

If you would like to see more paperweights I have been making for people, please visit my custom made paperweights website page.



  1. Yummy! Love the idea of Haribo jewellery. I used to be into a band called Mansun who had a song called 'Egg Shaped Fred' and before one of their gigs I was eating starmix and decided to write 'Fred' on one of the starmix eggs, and string it on my necklace. It got rather sticky!

  2. Its a tough job but someone has to do it:) imagine having to eat all that haribo? my husband says he is quite wiling to help if ever you need an assistant.

    Great idea's and jewellery.

    1. Thanks Lynda and if I get any more orders like that I will forward some to him! I don't think I could eat another Haribo sweet for quite some time now.

      A customer of mine sent me a bag of sweets recently as a thank you and they were Liquorice Allsorts...they were gone in a couple of minutes! Yum yum!


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