Monday, 5 March 2012

Messages of Hope Necklaces

My first sale of jewellery from my online shop in 2012 was actually on New Year’s Day, when a gentleman purchased a necklace for his partner. I remember it well as I noticed at the time that the delivery address on the invoice was different to the billing address and that I had asked him if he wanted it gift wrapping.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the same lady who had received the pendant. She firstly thanked me for the necklace however then informed me that her partner had sadly lost his fight to a brain tumour earlier that week.

She wanted to thank the nurses from the hospice that had looked after her partner by giving them some of my jewellery. Obviously I was honoured and we decided that I would make name on rice necklaces for them. Each of the necklaces would contain the word ‘Hope’ written onto a single grain of rice and that I would make them all different with the inclusion of flowers, glitter and various other sparkly things!

So here are all fifteen of the hope necklaces that I made for the nurses at the hospice; I hope they like them!

Name on rice jewellery
Hope jewellery
Hope necklaces
If you would like to see more of my name on rice jewellery and perhaps read about how they are made, please visit my name on rice jewellery website page.


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  1. How sad, but how lovely of the lady to show her appreciation so. Lovely pendants Mick, I like the tiny flowers.