Sunday, 11 September 2011

Memorial Jewellery – Keepsake Jewellery for Ashes

A little while ago I made a pet hair keepsake bracelet for a lady who wanted to be able to wear the hair from each of her six dogs. The lady runs a puppy and dog training academy and has since given me lots of publicity and help. After receiving her bracelet she asked me if I had ever considered making memorial jewellery and in particular preserving the ashes from pets within keepsake jewellery.

To be honest it wasn’t something I had ever thought about, mainly because I haven’t previously been given the opportunity. She very kindly sent me the ashes from one of her dogs so that I could try and make a few items. I was very happy with the finished items and was quite amazed at how little ashes were actually used. I obviously sent her all the items that I made with them and thank her so much for giving me the opportunity.

The following are a couple of the items of jewellery that I made with the ashes. This resin heart shaped pendant also includes a small pressed Forget-me-not flower:

Keepsake Pendant for ashes

With this pendant the ashes are encased in resin against a sterling pendant bezel. I also engrave the back of the pendant with names and messages:

Memorial Jewellery for Ashes

Unlike traditional glass memorial jewellery, this type of jewellery is unlikely to break or smash if accidently dropped or knocked. Also there is the artistic element in that the ashes have been crafted into the object with care. I think the best description of this memorial jewellery though was made by one of my Facebook page followers yesterday. She said that they look like ‘little pieces of angel dust’; a very appropriate and beautiful description for these extremely important items of jewellery.

If you would like to read more about my new range of memorial jewellery for the ashes of a loved one or pet, please visit my new website page Keepsake Jewellery for Ashes.


  1. Oh my, love the forget-me-not, wish I had known you a couple of years back when I lost my canine friends.


  2. What a great idea. People have a strong bond with their dogs - I can see this being very popular.

  3. Thank you both and I have to agree Lynda that the Forget-me-not flower finishes it off nicely and is very appropriate for this type of pendant!


  4. What a lovely way to remember a loyal friend.

  5. The Victorian revival continues!!

    An excellent modern take on the Memorandum jewellery so popular in past times.

    Keep up the good work.